The most beautiful coast of Catalonia and Spain. With millions of possibilities to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle

Leisure activities

One of the benefits of this location is the great offer of outdoor activities. And if Sitges were not enough, the Catalan capital Barcelona is only 20 minutes by car from Sitges.

Picturesque town

Discover the stunning streets of Sitges! It is famous for its many pinturesque corners, white houses with blue doors, the amazing natural landscapes and coves of beautiful clear waters.

Rich gastronomy

The gastronomy of Sitges belongs to the sailor tradition. So, we are talking about a lot of fish and seafood and good wine. Some of the plates you can still ask for in a restaurant are millenary recipes.

Artistic and cultural

Sitges is the home of many artists: Santiago Rusiñol, Ramón Casas and Charles Deering, together with other artists and intellectuals, helped sculpt Sitges into the artistic and cultural center that it has become today.

Hidden beaches

In Sitges you can find two types of beaches: urban beaches that you will find in the city center and the more hidden beaches that are harder to find, but quiet with beautiful transparent water and white sand.

Vivid Nightlife

For a small city, the nightlife is amazing. It all starts in the same place: Calle del Pecado. During the day it’s a quiet street at the waterfront, but when night comes and bar blinds open, it becomes the start of a fantastic night.