About Mimoun

We love living in this corner of the world and we want to share this great lifestyle with you.

At Mimoun we´ve pooled all our experience and contacts to create an amazing team with both local know-how and an international mindset. We’re a multicultural trio that head up Mimoun. Between us we have over 30 years experience of living and working in many different countries. We’ve all “been there and done that” and have experienced first hand the trials and tribulations of a foreign move.

Penelope Olij-Perez
Penelope Olij-PerezRelocations & International Moves
“Over the years I have been at the helm of relocations and international moves to such different destinations as South Africa, Switzerland, and Spain. The last 13 years my husband and I -both Dutch nationals- have resided in the Barcelona area, where we built a successful business and raised our family. I have faced the fears of building a new life and settling my family in a new environment. It is my calling to now give you guidance, be at your side and make you feel safe throughout the journey.”
Daniel Perez
Daniel PerezBusiness Advisor in Spain
Daniel comes from a high-flying business career in the service industry in Northern Europe and South-Africa. Originally from The Netherlands and now based in Barcelona for the last 12 years, he is the founder and owner of a successful B2B telecom company and he has been able to build up an extensive network of contacts and associates with access to unique properties. Daniel will guide you through the do’s and don’t of business in Spain using his experience to navigate the market to secure the best possible deal.

What do we offer?

Mimoun is not just a service it is an all-inclusive, supportive guidance

We turn the traditional process around. We know “house first, social integration later” does not work. We commit to guiding you and introducing you to our network from the very beginning, so your family can find your cultural fit and weigh up your options before the big move.
We give you guidance in choosing the right fit for your kids, from kindergarten to university, at international, semi-private and public centers. We understand their philosophy, methodology and educational record. We use this knowledge to help you choose the right school for your children.
Legal & financial
Relocation is much more than housing: we are here to make your journey easy. We know who is the best professional in each field. When it comes to your personal paperwork we have the links to notaries, lawyers, insurance agents and banks that will smooth your relocation process.
Home making
We do not offer a standard package, it is specific and tailored just for you. We help you transition from your current home to your new one, giving you support where you may need it. Everyone wants to put their own stamp on their place when they move into a new home.